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Welcome to the online home of big bear audio.

Big Bear Audio is a London based Audio Design House founded by Charlie Slee.

We are committed to the music industry in all forms, from supporting the needs of producers and engineers to supporting the British manufacturing industry by striving to source all our parts and components from Britain. This includes all design work, PCB manufacture, mechanical design, materials and labour.

All Big Bear Audio products are designed and built in London, we work closely with the country's best producers, engineers and artists as well as world lead designers Bart HRK and MG Design London to bring you innovative world class audio products.

Over the coming years Big Bear Audio will be releasing a range of new consumer and pro audio products.

The MP1

The MP1 and MP1+ is a statement of electronic and aesthetic design. It has been designed from the ground up to provide producers, recording and mix engineers of every level with an innovative and intuitive Colour amplifier.

The MP1 is a clean and detailed microphone and instrument amplifier, combined with a single Colour Slot which can transform the amplifier with a single switch.

For a full list of Colours please visit the Colour Store

Product Range

Here you can find a full range of the products we design and manufacture. Not only are all Big Bear Audio products designed and manufactured in London but we also manufacture DIYRE and Bart HRK products.

All 500 series products are available only through authorized dealers, however you can purchase Colour modules directly from the store.

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  • 500 Series
  • Colour
MP1 500 Series
MP1+ 500 Series
15IPS Colour
CTX Colour
Colourphone Colour
Colouruptor Colour
Distorastudio Colour
Implode Colour
JFet Colour
Mass Drivr
Mass Drivr Colour
MN-50 Colour
Pentode Colour
Pulse Colour
TM79 Colour
XPF Colour
Palette 500 Series
CP5 500 Series
Primary Colours
Primary Colours 500 Series

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